Roland announces new Fantom ‘Flagship Synth’ Line-Up

Latest Flagship Synthesizer news: Music Production and Live Performance with Roland Fantom!

With the models Fantom 6, Fantom 7 and Fantom 8, Roland presents a new lineup of the proven Fantom Workstation series, whose origins date back to the year 2001 with ‘Fantom’. Featuring state-of-the-art synthesizer technologies, a colour touchscreen, and comprehensive computer integration, the synthesizers are designed to be used in music production and live performances.

A key feature of the new Fantoms is a simple user interface designed to help users navigatecreatively in any musical scenario. For example, in workspaces labeled “Scenes,” the instrument should be fully customizable and reconfigured for various composition and performance setups. The expandable sound engine of the new Fantoms is also equipped with an integrated analog filter and effects that make the portfolio of electronic, acoustic and hybrid sounds. A high-performance DSP engine should have enough processing power to execute 16 parts with all available effects at once, so that complex patches can be used without restrictions.

For good playability, on the one hand, the new Fantoms can be used completely independently, but on the other hand, their power should only come into their own when they are connected to the computer, analogue synthesizers and other tools. This makes it possible to operate DAWs and performance software such as Apple’s Logic Pro and MainStage via the touchscreen and the control panel. Furthermore, virtual instruments from the Roland cloud and others should be controlled and combined with the internal sounds of Fantom. In addition, modular and analogue synthesizers can be controlled via two CV / Gate outputs

  • FANTOM 6: 61 keys (semi-weighted keyboard and channel aftertouch)
  • FANTOM 7:76 keys (semi-weighted keyboard and channel aftertouch)
  • FANTOM 8:88 Buttons (PHA-50 Hybrid Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, Ebony / Ivory Feel, Channel Aftertouch)


  • Sound generator: ZEN-core with V-Piano technology
  • Parts :16 zones (internal + external)
  • Scenes: 128 Scenes x 4 Bank
  • Tones: Over 3,500 tones and Over 90 drum kits
  • Multi-effects: 16 systems, 90 types
  • Part EQ: 16 systems
  • Drum Part COMP: 6 systems
  • Insert effect: 2 systems, 90 types
  • Analog filter: Sterio
  • Type: LPF1 / LPF2 / LPF3 / HPF / BPF / Bypass
  • MIDI tracks: 16 (internal / external)
  • Group: 16
  • Pattern: 8 (per track)
  • Pattern length: 32 bars
  • Recording method: Real-time recording, step recording, TR-REC
  • Format: 16-bit linear, 44.1 / 48 kHz, WAV / AIFF import is supported
  • Maximum polyphony: 8
  • Number of samples: 16 pads x 4 banks
  • Pitch bend / modulation lever
  • Assignable switch x 2 (S1 / S2)
  • Knob x 8
  • Slider x 8
  • USB audio slider
  • Wheel x 2
  • Function button x 6
  • Sound modified button x 11
  • 4 x 4 pad
  • 7 “LCD color / touch screen (800 x 480 dots), backlit


  • FANTOM-6: 1.084 (B) × 403 (T) × 106 (H) mm
  • FANTOM-7: 1.296 (B) × 403 (T) × 106 (H) mm
  • FANTOM-8: 1,432 (B) × 439 (T) × 153 (H) mm


  • FANTOM-6: 15.3 kg
  • FANTOM-7: 17.7 kg
  • FANTOM-8: 27.7 kg


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