Jupiter Rising – Roland Jupiter-Xm

Roland Jupiter-X (due 2020) and Jupiter-Xm – Landing Soon!

Roland Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm are the names of the synthesizers that can best be described as successors to the System-8. They allow many synthesizer models, have 4 oscillators and samples are also possible. There are also 4 parts. A classic and a mini-key Microkorg-like smaller variant with the same possibilities will be available.

The System 8 had plug-outs , the Jupiter X series has models. Up to 16 of them seem possible. Roland himself calls Jupiter-8, SH-101, Juno-60/106, but also JV-5080 and more options as selectable models. This should also be a Promars or a System-100 possible, because these are already available for the System-8. How many votes they allow is not specified. However, in Jupiter-X mode, it is certain that it will have to be enough to form four-fold layers (Parts) while still offering enough voices. This probably more likely 16, 32 or 64 votes and thus significantly more than the 8 votes of the system-8.

Roland Jupiter-X (this ‘other-worldy’ synth is landing in 2020!)

The 4-oscillator structure moves into an apparently triple filter section. The LFO -Sektion has a LFO2 button, almost all departments have a type – regulator , the obvious Filter models , oscillator models and LFO modelscan be selected. In addition, sync , cross modulation and ring modulation are provided. The fifth part has a built-in drum section that uses the TR and CR models known from the MCs and TR-8 series.

In addition to the SH-101, a piano model (“plug-out”) is announced, and thus apparently more than just the models and plug-outs known from System-8 and 1. Among them is obviously also sampling on board. Effectsare directly recognizable as a separate section as several blocks like Reverb, Delay, Modulation / Multi-Effect. And since there is a microphone connection, a vocoder could also be on board. An elaborate arpeggiator and step sequencer are also on board.

The Roland Jupiter X is obviously with the styling of the Jupiter-8 for the first time tonally oriented there, but extends the range enormously.

Miniature keys: Jupiter-Xm  is landing soon

The Jupiter-Xm is a variant of the Jupiter-X with equal possibilities and functions. However, it has a smaller 3-octave velocity-sensitive keyboard, and is more likely to look for the form factor of the JD-Xi or Microkorg, while the Jupiter-X offers the classic key circumference and size. The prices are 2500 € compared to 1500 € for the smaller Jupiter-Xm, where the “m” seems to stand for “mini”.


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