Happy 40th Anniversary to the Sony Walkman!

A timely look back at the evolution of how we interact with music…

The music industry evolves constantly, one of the huge changes came 40 years ago when suddenly ‘music listening’ became a portable option.  You could take your music anywhere, thanks to the Sony Walkman (released July 1, 1979).  Initially using the favoured small media of the time, the cassette, then later evolving to the Sony Discman once CD’s became the norm.  It offered 2 x 3.5mm headphone inputs, interestingly the same hardware that until recently was found on all of today’s smart devices (the two inputs on the Walkman gave you the option of listening to music with a friend, without the need for a speaker).

This important portable music listening revelation changed the way we interacted with our favourite artists.  It was the gateway that lead to the present-day music listening experience, where we all carry thousands of music files on our phones and tablets or play music via streaming services such as Spotify (from virtually anywhere in the world!)

We owe a huge thank you to Sony for the concept and convenience of taking music with us, thus allowing us to listen to our favourite songs via headphones, on-the-go.

source: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/7/1/20677636/sony-walkman-anniversary-tps-l2-cassette-music-player-portable-mp3-evolution

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