20 facts about John Lennon you might not know

20 fun-facts you likely didn’t know about The Beatles co-founder (according to the internet):

1. Lennon frequently stated he’d rather be a member of Monty Python than the Beatles.

2. While on tour, he enjoyed playing Monopoly.

3. Lennon and Yoko hired a psychic on staff to help advise them with business decisions.

4. The psychic on staff earned as much as their lawyers and accountant.

5. In his teenage years, Lennon’s aunt and parental guardian, Mimi Smith, would express doubts of his success, saying “The guitar’s all very well, John, but you’ll never make a living at it.”

6. Lennon first experienced LSD at a dinner party when his dentist, John Riley, slipped some in his coffee.

7. His first band, The Quarrymen, would often practice in the bathroom, where Lennon stood shoe-less in the bathtub

8. Lennon and Yoko made their first art performance together at London’s Royal Albert Hall in an opaque white sack, contorting their bodies in silence on stage.

9. Lennon wanted Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler on the cover of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ but was out-voted.

10. Lennon demanded Yoko to write him a list of everyone she had slept with.

11. On his track “How Do You Sleep?” from solo album, ‘Imagine,’ the lines “The sound you make is muzak to my ears” and “The only thing you done was ‘Yesterday’ were directed to Paul McCartney.

12. When George Harrison lost his virginity, Lennon, McCartney and former Beatles’ drummer, Pete Best, were in the same room as him.

13. Harmonica was the first instrument Lennon learned to play.

14. Bob Dylan introduced marijuana to Lennon and the rest of the Beatles.

15. He wanted his first wife, Cynthia Pwell, to resemble Brigitte Bardot; when she cut her hair short, he refused to speak to her for two days.

16. Sean, his son, first suspected his father was a Beatle after seeing “Yellow Submarine” on television.

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17. As a teen, Lennon considered himself a Teddy Boy.

18. Lennon’s former primary schoolmate said “If ever there was a scrap in the school yard, John was likely to be involved.”

19. When asked about the uproar in America regarding his “more popular than Jesus” comment, Lennon responded “There are more people in America, so there are more bigots also.”

20. After growing tired of fans doing more screaming than listening at live shows, Lennon said “Beatles concerts are nothing to do with music any more. They’re just bloody tribal rites.”

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